The original plan for the return trip was to try and get to Minneapolis by Friday so that we could go slowly the next week and try and discover more of Saskatchewan and North Dakota. However finding a place in Minneapolis for shabbat did not pan out so instead we stayed by friends in Chicago. 

It was actually great getting more than one night in Chicago. We have never been there when it wasn’t shabbat so we finally got time to explore the city. 

Of course we made our customary stop at kens diner and I got a DELICIOUS Bay-Ken burger. We also took thursday to go downtown and explore. We saw Cloud Gate, Millenium park, Crown fountain, the marina and Maggie Daley park. 

Cloud gate was awesome. I was told it was highly overrated but I still really wanted to see it. I was not disappointed. The fact that it is polished to look like one solid piece and is so perfectly shaped to reflect the skyline was just awesome to me. The kids enjoyed going under and around it and taking selfies in the polished metal. It was pretty crowded but still really cool. 

Crown fountain was cooler to look at then it was to actually play in. It is a play on the old fountains with cherubs spitting water from their mouths. They took pictures of residents of Chicago and they are projected onto a wall which then “spits” out water through their mouths. The water was freezing and kids in it were very pushy when the water was being spit out. On of our kids got hit down and ended up with a bloody mouth. However, it was really cool to see and a nice treat to cool down on a hot Chicago day and the kids did have fun. 

Millenium park is amazing. They have free jazz concerts in the summer and so much to see. It is really beautiful. Across the street (attached by an awesome bridge) is Maggie Daley park. This is the ultimate children’s playground. I wish every city had one of these. It is a bunch of parks attached to one another and they are awesome. One is a drawbridge and slides.  One looks like a ship and has a splash park around it. One is a pirate boat. My pictures do not do it justice. The only problem was keeping track of the kids while they were there. Since it is so large it can be daunting with numerous kids. We had to use a buddy system and a check in system so mommy knew where everyone was at all times. If you are ever in Chicago check this park out!






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