I realize I forgot to write about the Ben and Jerry factory. 

We went to the factory on our way up to Montreal. It was a fun and inexpensive little stop. The area and drive is beautiful in Vermont. 

I think that we would have stuck around longer and done more if the weather had participated but we ended up cutting our visit short due to rain. 

The tour is not very long so kids don’t get bored. You get to see a short video about the company and then go to see the factory floor. It’s crazy how many containers of ice cream are made every second! At the end you get to sample one flavour of ice cream. We got something with caramel in it. It was delicious (and the sample was pretty much a kids scoop). 

There are also other fun things to do around the factory. We got to do spin art, play in a playground, visit the cemetery of retired flavours, you could tie dye a t-shirt and of course buy more ice cream. It was really a great stop if you are ever in that area or need a day trip from nearby. 



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