Back to New York and Connecticut for 5 days. 

The first two days were spent in Woodmere with family before the wedding. It’s always great getting some quality family time before an event. We got to spend time with cousins from everywhere…as far away as Israel. It was great for the kids to see each other again. 

The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a blast. Aliza especially enjoyed herself seeing as the Y-studs gave a mini concert ­čÖé and she loves their music. 

Monday we decided to go see the Statue of Liberty. We had to be in Queens that night so we weren’t able to do the twilight cruise we had planned originally so instead we headed on to the Staten Island ferry. This FREE ride is great. You pass the Statue of Liberty, the freedom tower, the Brooklyn bridge and other sights. You don’t get as close as you would on a liberty cruise but you can’t beat free in New York. Plus, you can buy ice cream on the ferry and go as many times as you like. The kids really enjoyed it. 

Tuesday we headed home. I was nervous that the way home would just drag on and be frustrating. The way there you are so full of anticipation and excitement for the trip ahead. I tried to fill the way back with fun exciting stops to make it just as great and round off the trip. We are doing it over 8-10 days. 

 First stop is Penn’s caves for a boat tour through the cave. Stay tuned. 

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