Today I took my kids on a different kind of day trip. We packed into the car and headed to MADA to learn the importance of giving. 

MADA is a Jewish charity in Montreal that (amongst other things) provides food to less privileged people. 

We helped them to sort the food that had been donated in food banks into kosher and not kosher and then Sub sort that into specific foods. 

The kids actually had a wonderful time searching food for the kosher symbols, finding which box each food went into and making up boxes to put more food into. When it was time to leave they asked if we could go back another day. 

The lesson of giving is not always an easy one to teach. We are not a family of extensive means so we try to teach the importance of giving things other than money as well. We teach the importance of giving time and physical volunteering. We teach the value of donating extra toys or clothing that we no longer need. We try to teach the value of giving knowledge to help someone else who may not know how to do something. And we teach that every extra penny you give makes a difference in someone’s life. 

I’m hoping that this outing helps instill in them the importance of giving and that they can appreciate the value of the experience and learn not only by doing but by seeing me do as well. Let’s raise a more giving, loving and wonderful next generation. 


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