Have you heard of shabbat.com? It’s a great site that was made by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko in Monsey. It allows people to find places for shabbat when they are away, or stuck somewhere, or just want to meet new people. 

We had the pleasure of getting to stay with the Klatzkos for a shabbat on this trip. They open their home to hundreds of guests over the year. Happens to be that the shabbat we were there had 100 guests all on its own. 

They are warm people who treat everyone that walks through their doors like family. They embody the true meaning of hacnasat orchim. Rabbi Klatzko takes time to try and speak to each person individually and really get to know everyone. 

There are certain weeks that are themed. For example, the week after we came was college themed. This means all guest were if college age. There are also shidduch weeks where the rabbi hand picks guests he think may be of interest to one another so they can meet in a more relaxed manner. Our weekend happened to be an open shabbat which is why so many people showed up. 

The people that attended shabbat were also really sweet and friendly people. Everyone spoke to the ermine else and it was really nice to see real connections being made. 

Just one shabbat with them and I could see why so many guests are repeat visitors. 

I highly recommend everyone check out shabbat.com. Register to be a guest or a host. Check out the shidduch side of it. Support it with your m’aser money if you can. And if you’re ever in Edmonton look us up (we are registered hosts) 🙂

Thanks again for the wonderful experience.



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