For years I said that I didn’t understand how a booster was a safe car seat. I didn’t get how in a crash that little seat stayed in place without being attached to anything. Regular car seats buckle in using the cars restraint or the LATCH system. 

 Then I discovered the clek system of booster seats that attach using the LATCH system in the car. I was so excited. However, the price left me reeling. A regular booster can cost from $15-$30 and the clek was double that. 
Enter Graco’s new line of boosters that attach to the LATCH system. The Graco Affix is a more affordable option to the Clek Ozzi for anyone looking For a new booster. Both were recently on sale at Canadian Tire in Canada but I’m not sure if they still are. Maybe Amazon prime day 😉

Let’s keep our kids as safe as we can. 



*all opinions in this article are my own. I am not paid by any of these products to promote them. 

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