We’ve been staying for the last few days in Stamford with my sister in law. She has been an amazing hostess making us feel at home in her house and giving us some well needed veg time to recoup from two weeks on the road. 

Stamford is a nice city. People are friendly. It’s close to Long Island sound. There are beaches nearby and parks for the kids and my brother in law keeps the Popsicles stocked ;P

For the kosher people out there we discovered a kosher Carvel/Cinnabon just outside the Jewish area. The owner is such a nice person. He is so happy to see customers take advantage of the fact he is completely kosher. We thoroughly enjoyed our sundaes and cinnamon bites. He also let the kids help paint the picnic tables. They lived this and didn’t want to leave. If you are ever in Stamford be sure to check it out at 1980 W Main St, Stamford, CT. 

 Tomorrow we continue on to Montreal. We are going to take a more scenic route and go through Vermont. The drive from New York to Montreal through Vermont is rated as one of the most beautiful drives so it should be amazing. The kids are excited because we are going to stop at the Ben and Jerry factory tour on the way. Stay tuned for our review. 



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