Today we decided to take  the kids to Times Square to “experience” the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

It was a very hot and humid day which made for a slightly uncomfortable day amongst the thousands of people. 

The kids definitely enjoyed riding the subway, seeing the Empire State Building, Times Square, the M&M store, Toysrus (the girls got their hair done In a pop up beauty salon, the Ferris wheel and the red stairs. They got to see a lot of “characters” dressed up on the street and met a lady who was nominating herself to be the mayor of the moon and was collecting signatures for her nomination (part of an acting class she was doing). 



We had planned to go on a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty but ended up running out of time. That will be saved for later in the trip. 

We were very proud of what troopers our kids were. On the subway ride home (at 8pm) they sat nicely and behaved so well. They barely complained about the heat and they walked so so much. 

I think tomorrow we will keep it closer to home and travel a little less just so that they get a break. 

As a mother I want to say something though…I used to live in New York and visited Times Square many times. There was always a lot of craziness happening around there but this trip took the cake. I was disgusted to see topless women painted like American flags walking around taking pictures with tourists. I have no problem if you want to be topless (everyone has a right to their own decisions) but there is a place to do it, and out in public with children walking around is not it! What kind of example does my son see when all these business men run to take pictures with these girls on their lunch breaks?! What kind of lesson do my daughters learn about the preciousness of their bodies?! How can I teach the preciousness of modesty with all of this walking around?! I was very saddened to see where New York has gone since I left and I am worried at where it is headed if topless walking around is ok all day long…rant over. Am I wrong? Do you agree?



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