We made it! By Friday at 2 we had arrived. After a long day of driving on Thursday we decided to finally stop in Mifflinville, Pennsylvania. After quick bedtime snacks of cereal and milk we were all passed out fast asleep. The next day was an easier drive and we were very glad to be heading into New York instead of out as we passed the hundreds of people heading to the Poconos for the long weekend. 

We are staying in North Woodmere until the middle of this week. We have wonderful friends here who are putting us up and this community is great. We spent Friday afternoon in the pool and Shabbat Afternoon playing outside and in the park. We had a wonderfully restful shabbat with friends we miss a lot.

 Saturday night was full of fireworks and fun. Americans definitely know how to celebrate independence. Every block had a house with their own display. It was great listening to the kids oooing and ahhhhing at the fifferbt explosions. Today we visited North Woodmere park. A wonderful playground with an attached splash park. The kids really enjoyed it on such a warm day. They also love being across the lake from JFK airport and watching the planes land over their heads. 

So far in New York we have not made it to the city yet. That is on the agenda for this week. However, we have managed to stuff ourself full of many many slice of New York pizza and wer are not done yet 🙂

Now off to bed for me because hopefully New York City and I have a date tomorrow. 



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