Last night we made it to Chicago for dinner and my burger was HEAVENLY!!! Boy did it hit the spot. I needed some meat 🙂 

We were having so much fun with our Chicago friends that we just couldn’t bear to leave and decided to stay the night. So instead of our five hours we only did 3 yesterday, hung out with good friends, ate good food and let the kids play. 

Don’t worry though…we made up our time and more today. We drive through Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

We are about 3 and a half hours from New York right now. I don’t think we’ll make it all the way tonight. The kids are getting a little restless with this 12 hour day (with stops) in the car. 

They have been amazing. It has been great watching them bond with each other over car games. They are all helping take care of one another and are generally getting along really well.

Today I tried to start the number game in the car but no one wanted to participate. The number game is when you have to find the numbers 1-20 on licensce plates. You have to go in ascending (so you must find 1 before 2 or 3 etc. ) order and can only use one number from a licence plate. I thought it would be fun but they just wanted to entertain themselves today. 

We are doing well with the licence plate game though. Let’s just hope we can find Hawaii some where along the way. 

We can’t wait to be in New York and see all our family and friends. Big apple here we come!



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