This morning brought around another bunch of fun thanks to all the amenities at Chula Vista. The girls started the day off with the “my first pedicure” at the spa. It was nice to do something special and away from the boys for a bit. 

Next we packed up the room and headed to the mini golf at the hotel. We played 18 holes surrounded by water slides. I’ve never played on a mini golf course that had water on some of the actual courses so this was a first. And yes I did hit my ball into the water :/

We ended our morning and our stay at Chula Vista with one last round of slushy fruity deliciousness and then headed out toward Chicago for dinner. 

Now we are on the road and I am looking forward to a meal I don’t have to cook myself. 

Our review of Chula Vista is that we give it a 5 kid star rating. 


Cons:(there aren’t many so we’ll start there)

  1. The customer service of the actual hotel staff (not restaurant, spa or waterpark) left something to be desired. Some of the reception people seemed like they did not want to be there or deal with anything. Customer service is so important. So much can be overlooked if you are dealt with like a human and not an inconvenience. 
  2. The room, although spacious, had a distinctly damp smell. It could be from all the wet people that stay there but it bothered me. 
  3. The sink in the room didn’t drain well and the shower pressure was not great. I am particular. I like things to work properly. This just bothers me although some people wouldn’t care. 
  4. The vouchers they gave us, at times, were more hassle than help. For example they had to be used in one sitting at the restaurant or could only be used for a single service at the spa. 

Now for the pros: 

  1. The kids LOVED every moment. As you saw, they gave it a five star kid rating. At the end of the day we do these experiences for them and if they are having fun and happy that is the most important. 
  2. The staff at the water park was amazing! There is no lack of life guards which makes me feel better. There are lifeguards in the water at the bottom of the slides, IN the kiddy pools and at least 3 around the lazy river. When monkey got hurt and no one was in the first aid room, three loud whistle blasts from the nearest life gaurd and we had four first aid people withing 30 seconds. They were kind and helpful and calming and great. 
  3. The staff at the nail bar. They made the girls feel pampered. They asked them questions and massaged their legs and made them happy. 
  4. The staff at the bar. They didn’t look at us crazy when we took half an hour examining ingredients to find what kind of fun drink we could get the kids besides soda. 
  5. The room was spacious. We had more than enough room for the seven of us to not be sleeping on top of each other. 
  6. The water park is the perfect size for families with young children. 
  7. The hotel is geared towards families. No body looked at us strange for being surrounded by our van load of kids because they too were all surrounded by kids. Everywhere you look there are activities for kids and kids playing and having fun. As a mother of a big family I really enjoyed that. 
  8. There are many other optional activities through the hotel or nearby. There is an adventure ropes course and zip line. A lot of boat activities like yours or speed boating. A five minute drive away is the Main Street that has the biggest mini golf course in the U.S. (Pirates cove), a Ripleys museum and other activities like arcades etc. 

Overall this was an amazing experience. The kids are so happy. We got a break from driving and we had some quality family building time. What more could a Fabulousmommy ask for?! 

Happy Canada day!



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