Today was a pretty great day. 

We slept in a little. Had a nice breakfast. Got in our swim suits and headed to the waterpark. It was a little overcast and there was a breeze but it was warm so at least being outside wasn’t terrible. 

We started at the indoor Los Rios waterpark in the kids zone. This is a great space with with water spraying everywhere. My baby could sit and play with the fountain while the older kid went on the slides or chased the dumping buckets to get as wet as they could. 

Our fun was cut short when middle monkey fell on a slide and cut her chin open. I took her and baby to urgent care to have her stitched up while fabulousdaddy stayed with the other kids at the park. 

By 2:30 we were back up and running. Stitched and water sealed we headed back to the hotel. 

We had chosen Chula Vista simply because we wanted a hotel with enough of a waterpark to entertain our children. There is a world famous water park in The Dells called Noah’s Ark but we were nervous to go to such a large place with our five children. They are not old enough or daring enough to need hundreds of slides or to go around on their own and at Chula Vista only hotel guests are allowed in the park so it is limited. We came at a less busy time of the season so we really didn’t have to stress because seeing our kids at all times was not so difficult. 

When we called the hotel to book they tried to sell us on their “club membership”. They offered us an upgraded room and vouchers for things like food and the spa if we sat through a 45 minute pitch. So we did. They have some good salesmen but the deal was not for us. 

During the pitch we got to tour a two bedroom condo in the hotel (what you get to stay in if you’re a member for the price of a regular room). I will admit, it was beautiful and spacious and had a full kitchen which I love. So if you can stay in one of those I recommend you do it!

After our sales pitch we headed back to the water park. We went on some great slides including “jungle run” which is like a giant toilet bowl you go around in a tube and get flushed out a tube to the park and “ruby run”. A definite favorite of my older two was the lazy river. They must have gone around it five or six times in a row. We also spent time at the  “wipe out” course and the basketball pool. We never made it to the wave pool but ended the day around 7:45 in the hot tub. (The park is open until 10 but we needed dinner and unwind time). 

We headed back to the room, got changed, ate dinner, and then decided to wander the grounds a bit. We headed to the bar and grill that one of our vouchers was good for and got virgin cocktails for all. Since we are kosher food was not an option for us so we drank more than we should in slushy fruity cocktails and had fun doing it. 

Another great thing about the Chula Vista resort is that it’s all connected underground. The tunnel from hotel to waterpark etc. is full of arcade games and on weekends an arts and crafts area for kids. There is also a 4d theatre. We found a family game table that was set up and had Sorry , checkers and Connect Four competitions. It was a great end to an eventful and fun day. 
Tomorrow we have another half a day of fun activities before we hit the road to continue east. Time to get some sleep. 



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