First day of our cross country road trip is done and It was a long one but a great one. We made it from Edmonton to Minot, North Dakota (about 13 hours of driving). My husband was a superhero today driving more than I thought would be possible. The kids were amazing troopers and rarely complained that the day was so long.

The day started out before sunrise. Thanks to the flat praire land we got to watch a beautiful lightening storm off in the distance, an amazing sunrise, and saw fields that went as far as the eye could see. It really is an amazing site to experience.

We had breakfast in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan. Sitting on our blanket in a parking lot…you do what you can. Lunch was in a small town called Weygood, Saskatchewan. A tiny town full of really nice people. We had a porch swing and a picnic table and a beautiful sunny day for a picnic.

The day was spent with a lot of sleeping in the car, some funny mad libs, a couple movies and some fun car tunes.

To save myself from being asked for snacks every five minutes I allowed the kids to pack their own snack bag at breakfast to last until lunch and again for lunch until we stopped. I kept a cooler full of the things they might want to include , like pudding, granola bars, fruits, pretzels, and veggies. We also let them each buy a drink and that was what they had until we stopped tonight. That made them drink a little more sparingly so that bathroom breaks were more spread out.

Now we are in North Dakota and North Dakota is beautiful. The green and yellow hillsides are so vivid that I could stare at it all day.

We are staying at a wonderful hotel called the Hyatt house in Minot, North Dakota. We stayed here two years ago when we moved to Edmonton and we loved it. I love the spacious suites. I love having my own kitchen so I can feed the kids. I love having our own room from the kids so we get a little privacy. I love the infinity pool. I love that it is it a large pool so I can help all my kids at once. It is not a busy hotel (in terms of the pool) so the pool was never packed. In fact most times we were the only ones there. Most of all I love the warm staff, the attention they give to making sure we are comfortable and happy. It is a testament to how highly we hold them that we came back a second time and we hope to come back more times in the future.

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So now it’s off to bed because tomorrow is another long day on the road. Relaxing with a drink before heading to sleep. Wisconsin dells here we come. 🙂



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