Today was another loooooonnnngggg day of driving. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when the kids are just not happy in the car. We made it from Minot, North Dakota to the Wisconsin Dells in about 13 hours. We had to make frequent stops for the baby who was just not going to have any more of this driving all day business. He refused to sleep, had a stomach thing and was just not his normal happy self.  

So to compensate we stopped as frequently as we could at rest stops that either had parks or green space. We brought out our handy soccer ball and frisbee and let the kids run and stretch and get a bit of freedom. 

While in the car we tried to occupy their time with more activities instead of more movies. Today we played road trip bingo. I had ran out of time to printout these before the trip so I drew up three boards on th spot for them. This game was both great for them and entertaining for us. The kids were engaged and actually paying attention to the beautiful scenery around us and we were provided with some hilarious commentary. For example “how will I ever find a mailbox out here with no civilization?”.

We got to Chula Vista resort later than we had hoped so no waterpark tonight. Tomorrow is a day of no driving and fun fun fun. Stay tuned for our review on this family friendly resort. 



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