It took me FOREVER to find a color style run that was not on a Saturday. However, lucky for me, one day in January a Facebook ad popped up for the graffiti run that was being planned for today (I didn’t realize it was Father’s Day when I booked) so I booked right away.


I have been wanting to do one of these for the longest time. They always look like so much fun. I figured my kids could all handle 5k even if it took an hour for my 4 year old to walk it. 



Finally the big day arrived. Donning our hand made team shirts we woke up ridiculously early, for us, on a Sunday and headed out. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, beautiful sunshine and a slight wind to keep us cool.

We checked in an received our sign up packages. We each got a graffiti run shirt (which only a couple chose to wear over the Fabulousmommy one), a headband, our race number, and a package of chalky color to throw.

My four year old had been really hesitant about getting hit with paint. When he saw his own package of color though he relaxed, opened it and threw it on my husband while saying “Happy Father’s Day”. With that we headed to the start line and began our trek.

 Not far into the track was the green station. What fun that was! Running and getting hit with your first color is exhilarating. That kept everyone’s excitement up as we headed to the pink station and then the blue/purple station and finally the yellow station.
After only about 45 minutes we crossed the finish line. A better time then I expected with four kids in tow. To my astonishment the four year old ran about 1.2 km out of the 5. He didn’t get carried at any point and did it all with a smile.


The finish line had a dance party and color cannons to keep the color going. We stayed a bit and then headed home for lunch and a special slurpee stop. Kids passed out in the car so clearly it was a great morning. Now for a night of looooonnnngggg showers ????. 

 Happy Father’s Day to all the fabulousdaddys out there.



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