I’ve had a few people approach me regarding my line of chewlery to tell me that it is a bad idea. Now, I know there are always critics, and I get the idea of teaching children not to do something. I mean we can’t let them think everything can be put in their mouths. Everyone needs to learn boundaries. I have no problem with using the word no. My intention with creating this line was to provide a safe FASHIONABLE alternative in jewelry. 

Mouthing is a natural course for children. They learn through their senses. Once they master the sense of touch and can grasp properly they want to discover more. This leads to mouthing. They just want to know if something is hard or soft, tastes good or not, what shape it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a cool metal necklace or one made of silicone, a baby is going to try and put it in his mouth at first. I just wanted to provide a safe option for this. 

I have never said that anyone should wear the chewlery simply for the sake of letting a baby teethe on it. I followed the trends in design and color to try and create pieces that will compliment the latest fashions so that no mother feels the need to give up accessorizing because they have a baby of teething age. 

 As a fellow mom, entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and art lover I just wanted to help us all feel our most fabulous. I hope you keep checking back because fall should bring some great new items. 



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