The road trip planning has begun and I find myself having a hard time deciding which route to take. Part of me thinks it would be awesome to head down to Yellowstone National Park first and then a weekend in Denver followed by a week of driving to get to New York City. That way we would head through states we have never seen like Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota etc. This particular route would have a lot of great natural beauty to see and explore but will be significantly longer driving for us. 

The other option is to stay closer to the border and head the way we came when we moved. We would go through North Dakota and Minnesota and then either around or through the Great Lakes region. This way provides us with a shorter trip as well as larger cities to stop in for supplies. We could even do this drive in under a week and have longer on the east coast for vacation. 

So the real question becomes is the drive the vacation or the is the destination the vacation. I want to have the best of both worlds but I’m not sure my husband or I could handle all that driving. Any opinions??? Share them below. 



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