It’s a holiday for us starting Friday night and ending on Monday. On our holidays we try not to cook and so we to get everything prepared beforehand. So I have been in the kitchen almost all day today trying to get it all done. This is not my sons idea of a good time…obviously. Well, I came up with a fabulous idea to keep him occupied for a while. Enter water fun.   

  All it took was  a disposable tin tray, some water, a little dish soap for bubbles and some toy people. I put a towel down because I knew the tray would eventually get dumped out and we were good to go.

The fun is evident in his face and I got most of my cooking done in a timely fashion. Being a Fabulousmommy means creating a joyous and happy space for your children so you can both feel your best. Today I feel like that smile means I am a Fabulousmommy. 

Hope your day is going fabulously too. 



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