Two years ago we packed up our family and moved from Montreal to Edmonton. We drove the 36 hours over 10 days and tried to make the move as exciting, fun and untraumatic as possible. For us parents it was exhausting emotionally and physically because our move had been frantic and emotional and a lot of work. For the kids it ended up being a great adventure that they still talk about. We couldn’t imagine ever doing it again.

I guess the the memories of the stress have faded and only good is left because this year Fabulousmommy is thinking about hitting the road with a cross countries trip (I say cross countries because we want to hit Canada one way and the U.S. the other). The idea is to go visit family on the east coast. However, between flights for 7 and renting a car for a month, driving has clearly become the more economical way to do this. When we began to discuss it the idea of a 36 hour drive each way seemed very daunting. The idea of entertaining 5 kids in a car for that long is a big thing to take on. However, now that I’ve had time to sit down with some maps and check out routes and start planning east coast activities even I have to admit I am getting kind of excited. So stay tuned for all the fun details and stress and excitement.  Let the planning begin!! 🙂
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