Every couple weeks I would like to highlight a famous Fabulousmommy. I would like to do this for a number of reasons. First off, I like to show that no matter who or how famous you are motherhood affects us all in the same ways. Secondly, sometimes it is fun to “see how the other half lives”. Finally, some of the mothers I will showcase will not be entertainers but will be famous for other reasons. Whether it’s making a difference in the world through charity, writing fantastic blogs, being inventive on Instagram to gain a following or anything else i choose to focus on they are each a Fabulousmommy in their own wright.

So to kick it off here is Jaime King and her child’s godmother Taylor Swift enjoying the baby kicking. I love this moment because sometimes we forget to humanize celebrities. Here are two friends enjoying one another’s special moments. The glee in Taylor Swift’s voice is undeniable. I mean this baby will get the best lullabies sung to him 😉 but it is still just a godmother enjoying feeling a kick.

Wishing you a great rest of your pregnancy Jaime and I look forward to watching your Fabulousmommy status grow!



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