My family and I decided to give up TV this April for a year (a topic for another post) but I had a condition. I needed to see Grey’s Anatomy until the end. I mean I’ve been watching it for ten years and with this being the final season (or so i thought) I couldn’t stop with only 4 episodes left. So tonight I sit here, 3 generations (my bubby, me and my son) watching Grey’s Anatomy. I will be stopping after this season no matter what. I can no longer deal with the loss and my favourite characters are all gone at this point. But what strikes me the most is how all I can think while I watch this train wreck of an end of season is how lucky I am to lead such a “boring” life. I wouldn’t trade my late night cuddles or grocery runs for any of their “extraordinary” lives. Thank goodness brilliant surgeons exist, don’t get me wrong, but how much personal tragedy does one show really need. So thank you Grey’s Anatomy for making me appreciate my naps with my kids, my being home for dinners and bath times and bedtimes, my piles of laundry and dishes and the amazing blessing of being able to sit here 3 generations together in a boring bed watching TV.


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