It has taken me a while to get my act together for this blog because I had so many thoughts about what it should be. It’s hard to appeal to everyone, but that is what I wanted to do because I truly believe that every mother has the potential and ability to be a Fabulous Mommy. It’s not in the way you dress or whether you work full time or spend your days at home with the kids, it’s the mind set that you are providing for your kids the best way you know how.

In a world where we put our best side on display it can feel daunting to try to keep up. Seeing pictures of Gisele getting her hair done while holding a baby or other celebrities all perfectly groomed with their neat and perfectly dressed children can make any “regular mom” feel inadequate. It makes you feel like your sitting there in your sweats with your hair in a messy pony while your children throw Cheerios around the house are not doing enough. I wanted this blog to show you that you are doing more then enough. You are doing FABULOUSLY.

My goal with this site is to provide insight, tips, support and products that allow every mother to feel more in control, put together and like they have a sense of self. This is important because without a sense of our own self how can we raise children who are independent and know how to be themselves. We are all fabulousmommys just waiting to show off our greatness and I hope I can help with that.

I just watched the movie Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I loved this movie and found it hilarious but what I want to share is a loose quote that Adam and Drew use “your kids have to come first 99% of the time but you get 1%”. That 1% is extremely important. It makes us feel like ourselves again and it keeps us sane so we can give 110% of ourselves the other 99% of the time that we dedicate to our kids. So take that 1% for yourself right now and enjoy this blog and relish the fact that you are doing a fabulous job. Enjoy!



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