My biggest problem when I started my blog (almost 8 years ago) was that I was scared of exposing too much of myself online. I was scared to share myself. I’m a private person. This time around though I am trying to open up because I believe that the best way for others to see they’re not alone is to hear the stories from others going through the same things. So here it goes, a post about me.

My name is Carla. I am 31 years old  and I am the mother of five wonderful, adorable, frustrating, time consuming, lovable, smart, witty, hilariously funny kids who are growing up too fast. I have a 10 year old son who has the memory of an elephant and is quickly becoming smarter than I am. He can program phones and electronics well enough to work at any phone store. He tests my patience and rewards me in ways I never thought anyone would. He never sleeps, eats like a bird, and can make me feel terrible or amazing with very few words. My daughter is 8 going on 18. She is artistic and smart, a perfectionist and hard worker. She drives me crazy when she can’t relax and reminds me so much of myself when she is always trying to be perfect and getting so frustrated when she can’t. I was like that and somehow transferred it to her and that worries me sometimes. My 6 year old is a trouble maker. She can scream so loud it’s like nails on a chalk board. She is a risk taker. She is a fantastic gymnast and artist and if she would commit to something she could be amazing at it. This week she is into sewing and sew far sew good 😉 Her teachers rave about her as an phenomenal student and she is smart enough to save all her trouble for me 😛 She is hilarious and gorgeous and will wear ball gowns to bed every night if I let her. My son is 4 and by far the funniest 4 year old I know. Everyday I am in stitches listening to the things he comes up with. He sees the world through eyes I wish I could have sometimes. He also is so determined when he wants to do something or say something and nothing can deter him. He gives the best cuddles and his imagination is great fun to witness. Last is my 7 month old. He has a personality bigger then any baby I know. He sleeps OK, eats well, and when he smiles it lights up his eyes. He eats his toes,blanket,pacifiers, fingers..,basically anything he can get his mouth on. He babbles to me before bed and wakes up smiling to start off my day right. He just got teeth and now thinks that there is no food off limits to him. He crawls by launching himself forward in a way that can almost be described as leaping. He is changing everyday and by the time I post this it will probably be old news…

I am the creator and chief product designer behind I started it as a blog before blogs were big and was shocked when people took interest in what I had to say. Now with the help, support, brains, and love of my wonderful husband we are back with the relaunch and product side of our soon to be “FabulousMommy Empire”. I have many friends who have asked me for ideas and advice because I am very good at finding ways to make life easier, more enjoyable, and more productive through “hacks” or re purposing products…I mean you have to be with 5 kids right?! I decided to take some of these ideas and turn them into actual helpful products for moms. So welcome to the new and improved and happy shopping. Keep checking back to the blog for more ideas, tips, new products, styling ideas and more.



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