So I saw on Facebook that there is a giveaway of a new Orbit Helix stroller with all the pieces…a value of over $1400! Now I love the Orbit stroller. I love the idea of being able to face a baby any which way you please. I love the idea of the stroller and car base fitting both the infant and toddler car seat. I love the egg/cocoon shape of the seat that makes me think the baby is being cradled. However, I was watching the video for the Helix addition and all I could think about it how many pieces this stroller is and how frustrated I would be (especially in winter) with taking it apart and putting it together all the time. And where do you store it all? A girl loves options but has this maybe gotten a little out of hand?


So, FABULOUSMOMMY followers…what is your take on this new stroller. FABULOUS or live without??



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