Dear Ayelet z’l,

The world has lost an amazing neshama. A neshama that gave strength to people around the world who had never even met you. You touched all of us in your short two years in such a profound way that it is hard to put into words anything that would suffice.

I know your mother since we were young and my first impression of her was one of confidence and strength. I remember thinking that if that girl wants something she will get it! I have heard stories of your father and have read his words over the past five months and can tell he too is an amazingly strong person. So with such a background how could anyone think you would be anything less then the fighter that you were?! When things seemed at their darkest you pulled us together in prayer and good deeds and G-d would give you the strength to hold on a little longer and keep us all going.

Even though you are no longer with us, you are still pulling us all to be better people. To thank Hashem for what we have. To donate to a charity that will help other children in your situation. To continue to pray that the world will no longer know suffering like this.

You came into this world a fighter and you left it a fighter and you displayed the strength of your parents and grandparents who love you dearly. You will be missed by so many! Myself include.



For Hindy and Seth:

May God comfort you Among the othermournerS of Zion and Jerusalem.

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