My friend’s husband told me about this amazing product that I just had to share with all of you.

I live quite far from my family and they always feel like they are always missing out. Now there is this great product from a company called pix-star that can make them feel part of everyday life.

These picture frames connect to wi-fi and are set up with an email address so that pictures can be sent directly to the frame. You can snap a picture (or 10) a day email them right from your phone or computer and share it with all your family.

To me this is a great idea. My siblings and I are all over the place but with this my mom can get pictures daily. Even more, MY grandfather can get great-grand kid pictures from me, grand kid pictures from his grand kids on all sides who live all over and his children who also do not live in the same city as him.

They come in 3 sizes and a few models can tell the daily weather as well.

It’s just a really nice way to keep connected. And, with the holidays coming up it’s a great idea for a gift that will keep giving. Check it out by clicking here.



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