I have discovered this amazing company that started with a focus group of 5 moms (but 4 moms sounded better so one mom was dubbed “stealth mom”). They have taken two of our everyday baby products and turned them into technological masterpieces.

The first one is so cool I could only share it by posting the video below. Check out the new Origami stroller:

(and don’t worry it doesn’t need batteries! There is a built in generator in the wheels so walking charges the stroller completely.)


The second amazing product is called mamaRoo. It’s a bouncy chair designed to move like a mother bouncing her baby up and down. It moves in a figure 8, a bouncing motion they call “kangaroo” and 3 other directions.  Check out the video below to view all the motions.

The other great things about this chair…the comfortable cushion is easily removed and washable. The mobile features beautiful pictures from famous artists. There are different choices of white noise and if you want your baby to really boogie hook up your ipod and let him or her get their groove on.  And of course, it can recline to any degree along it’s axis.  It really is an ingenious little device!

Thanks 4moms for helping all moms be more fabulous.



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