I calculated tonight and I have spent 94%  of my married life either pregnant or nursing. That is right, 87 out of the 93 months I have been married! I’m not sure if that number is as surprising to you as it is to me.

I remember having a friend with enough underwear to wear a different pair everyday without repeating…and they were all cute ones.  Since I started nursing though I feel like this is an area that has been sorely lacking when it comes to fashion. That is why i am always so excited to find a great company offering cute, sexy, comfortable, well fitting bras and underwear made especially for pregnant and nursing woman. And so I would like to introduce you(if you have not heard of it yet) to Cake Lingerie. They have some of the cutest nursing bras I have seen in a very long time.They also make underwear cute for growing bellies and really comfortable pregnancy pajamas. So if you are searching check it out because being a FABULOUS MOMMY means feeling beautiful at all times and that includes in your undies.




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