So my son asked for a watch for his birthday so he could learn time. I am so proud of him for wanting to always learn new things.

Teach Me Time! features an interactive, talking time-teaching game designed to help school-aged kids learn to tell time on both analog and digital clocks. The large, bright LCD display is capable of displaying the time in either format or both at once.

More specifically, the Teach Me Time! game works very much like the time-teaching tools that grade school teachers use in the classroom:

The Teach Me Time! clock is a great learning device. It has a traditional clock face with numbers AND a digital clock so that kids learn to associate the two together. The teach button helps kids learn time.The clock is very cute and organic looking and comes with interchangeable rings so it can be somewhat customized. It also works as a night light at night. But the most FABULOUS feature is that the clock teaches you child when it is ok to wake up. You set the clock with an alarm that changes the clock from yellow to green. If you child wakes up and sees green it is a sign that it is ok to come jump on you. However, if they wake up and see the light is still yellow then they know it is still mommy’s and daddy’s time to sleep.



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