Flu season is here again. Not only are we all avoiding the regular flu but this year all us moms are doing everything we can to avoid the A(H1N1) virus as well.

Well the best defense is a strong offense, and the best offense for the flu is constant hand washing (and vitamin C). However, it is not always so easy to find soap and hand sanitizer is not the best thing for little kids. Anti-Bacterial Paper Soap to the rescue!

paper soap

This wonderful invention solves so many problems. Just add water and wash your hands anywhere. And, because it is paper you can also carry it on the airplane and not have to worry there either. It has a wonderful Eucalyptus and Mint smell and the small carrying case comes with 30 soap papers. Again, just add water and wash to neutralize germs and harmful bacteria. So pick some up today and add it to your (all ready full…I know) diaper bag.

Wishing you all a healthy flu season.



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