I love this idea!!

If you are anything like me you probably have 1000’s of pictures stored on your computer that you have not printed. Why not turn all of those into one grand display?? Design-a-Mosaic will take all your photos and turn them into one grand picture. I am thinking about making a family portrait out of pictures from my kids growing up. I think a poster size family portrait like that would be a great thing to look at and quite a conversation starter…not to mention, you can look at it for hours.

The website makes it really easy. Just upload your pictures, choose the main one you want to show and they do the rest. Check it out by clicking here.



ps. a Fabulous idea for a gift…my grandparents just celebrated 61 years together. How great would it be to get them a portrait of themselves that is made up of tiny pictures of kids, grandkids, family and other memories of their lives??!!

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