Today was parent’s morning at my daughter’s school and I learned a trick that I wanted to share with all you moms who have kids in school. Did you know that lice cannot stand the smell of TEA TREE OIL??!! Apparently if you add a little to your shampoo or put a couple of drops in a spray can with water and spray your kid’s heads the lice will not want to infest them. (you don’t need very much. Just a few drops added to water or a few drops in your shampoo itself)

I was a little skeptical, but she said that one time she saw a kid who had been sprayed with tea tree oil with a lice on her head and it refused to go into the hair and lay eggs.

It can’t hurt to try…pick some up at your local drug store or health food store or click on this link (Sundown Tea Tree Oil 1oz). It has got to be better then picking nits from a kid who can’t sit still.

my head is itchy just thinking about lice…ARG



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