I just came accross this post on Insanity Personified, another blogger in the entrecard community. I am sharing this with everyone in the hopes that someone will know something. Anyone who can link to this in some way (facebook, twitter, another blog etc.) please do. There will be nothing greater then reuniting this mother and daughter because of the efforts of moms around the world!

The following is just copied directly from Insanity Personified.

I was planning to pass on awards today, but need to post about something else. Something very tragic. A woman I know in the blogosphere named Jesz Jaydnn has had her daughter kidnapped by her ex husband and is desperately searching for her. If you have any info or can spread the word, please do. This poor woman is very understandably distraught and could use help. Here is a picture of the girl and excerpt from her site:

missing girl

“Her name is Chyenne. We call her Chy, Chiny, Chine Chine, SunChiny. She is 9 years old, 3 and a half feet tall, weighs 50 lbs. She has 2 sisters and a brother waiting for her at home. And a mother and step-father half out of their minds with worry. We’ve had no contact with her since Saturday, August 22nd, have no idea how she is or what’s going on.”

Her last known location was Florence, CO but they have no idea where she is now. If you have any info or advice that you think could help Jesz find her daughter please leave a comment on Chy’s site.

I cannot imagine the pain and terror she is feeling right now. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,


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