How FABULOUS would it be if you could take your child’s artwork and turn it into a pillow or a stuffed animal!? Well guess what….NOW YOU CAN!


art2believe is this FABULOUS company that will take your little one’s drawings and turn them into great stuffed animals or pillows that look exactly like the drawings. This mother/daughter team creates each piece and detail by hand. They use cotton, fleece, buttons, beads, vinyl – whatever it takes to really capture the spirit of the original. (They can also turn drawings into t-shirts).


I have scoured their website and I am amazed at how much each doll looks like the drawing. It’s one of the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Grab one before it’s too late because it won’t be long before your kid’s pictures start looking like realistic people and not sticks with arms for ears…hehe.



ps. This makes a great gift for fashion enthusiast. Take your friend’s fashion sketches and have them transformed into dolls as well…it’s almost as good as having a fashion line…almost.

  1. That’s pretty amazing! My son may not be the best artist in the world but I really appreciate his little creations. This is a nice way to keep the memories of their artworks as a kid.

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