I am at that stage again, my third is almost ready to walk. Time to break out the trusty Robeez…or maybe not. This summer I discovered this FABULOUS new brand of shoe called Tip Toey Joey. They have some of the most adorable shoes I have seen for early walkers in a very long time.

joey2 joey3 joey4 joey5

These shoes are made of 100% soft leather. They allow babies feet to flex naturally, absorb sweat and have no restrictions on movement. The easy fit design makes putting these shoes on a snap! They are made to fit babies feet fabulously, with a narrower heel and wider foot area. There are no laces (only elastics and Velcro) and the heel part stretches to make it easier to put on. The non-slip rubber sole is very thin so babies can still feel the contours of the ground, but it is strong enough that it provides non-slip action for babies starting to walk.

Now that my baby is almost walking I will be hopping over to the nearest retailer and picking her up a very FABULOUS pair of shoes. I highly reccommend you all check them out as well.



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