So I have decided to attempt going from nursing, straight to cups for my third child. I figured that if I can skip the bottle phase all together that would be FABULOUS. I have got my daughter to drink from a straw as long as I hold the cup next to her and I have tried giving her sippy cups but she can only drink from them if they are really full. Once the drink gets past a certain point she has trouble tipping her head far enough back to get the rest. TILTY CUP to the rescue!

tiltycup tilty

TILTY cup keeps liquid at an angle so it can flow more easily without your baby having to tilt his/her head. Your child gets to finish every drop and transition to real cups easier and quicker. Plus, the snap-on-lid does not have a valve, which is proven to be better for a toddler’s dental development.

These cups are BPA free, PVC free and Dye free. They are dishwasher safe and at $6 for a 2 pack how can you go wrong! Check them out by clicking the link above.

Happy sipping,



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