It’s hard to keep your “bad boy” status on the playground when your mommy has put a fru-fru bandage on your boo-boo. I mean kindergarten kids can be so mean about the little things! (just kidding). But, just in case your little man really cares what his scrapes are covered with there is a new bad-boy bandage on the block.


Scabs Bandages are band-aids bearing sick little gross illustrations like poorly done stitches, hatching spiders, eyeballs, or zippers. Now you can let your little ones speedy recovery be as gross and stomach churning as little boys can be.

As the creators Larry, Raul & Scott say “Scabs are our answer to that annoying aisle in the supermarket with all those happy, smiley band-aids.
We’ve had a lot of laughs launching Scabs Bandages. And we hope your kids (and you!) have as much fun wearing them.”

I hope you and your boys find these as amusing and FABULOUS as I did!



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