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There is no end to the number of personalized mother’s day jewelry available. Finally though, there an elegant and fabulous way to show just how proud you are to be a mom.

The Handstamped Personalized Mommy Necklace is a beautiful way to tell your mom you love her. It is also a fabulous way for us Fabulous Mommies to show off our best accomplishments…our kids.

I love the simplicity of the design. I love that they are thin bands so that if you have more then two kids you are not over burdened by charms or doodads etc. I love that you can personalize all four sides, so you can add second names, birth days, birth weights etc. I love that you get to put your child’s birthstone on it. I just love this product.

Check it out and get one for yourself…or your mom.

Happy early Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to enter the Yummie Tummie Giveaway .



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