If you are anything like me then you will appreciate this product. Anything that lends support and smooths is my best friend.

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Yummie Tummie was created by a woman for women. It looks beautiful worn alone or can be used under anything. It doesn’t compress the chest or ride up. It provides support to your core which allows you to stand up taller and and look better. (It is available in both regular and long length)

From the bust up and the hips down it is your favorite, staple, t-shirt. The waist though has a firm control panel which smooths the stomach and hips making you feel like you just lost inches and pounds instantly. (It?’s important you choose a size that?’s not too tight so that the Yummie Tummie fits you properly and comfortably. If your in between sizes it’s best to go a size up)

This is a great product for everyone…

I just want to mention one of my friend’s concerns with it. The shirt is very fitted which is why it smooths and slims. However, as a nursing mother she found it to tight to pull up or down for feedings. She said that forcing it made the bottom stretch. Therefore, if you are nursing be sure to order the nursing Yummie Tummie tank that is in this year’s spring line and not one of the regular tanks.


I had the chance to review this product personally. However, a close friend of mine has one, and so I want to share this opportunity with one of my dedicated readers instead.

I have a $100 gift certificate for Yummie Tummie. If you would like a chance to win leave a comment(tell me anything). On May 10th (mother’s day) I will use a randomizer to choose a winner and then email the winner the certificate. Feel free to comment/enter often and tell all your friends.

Good Luck,



  1. Sounds like somthing that is very welcome after 4 kids close together. Always looking for a way to get back into my pre-pg clothes faster.

  2. Just found your site and LoVe it!!! So great for new moms! I am definately looking at my prego body and seeing my curves expand! Would love this product!

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