I came across this fantastic website completely by accident and think it is absolutely brilliant.


Kid’s Playdates is a great idea and for a limited time registration is FREE so sign up fast! This site allows you to find playdates with kids in your area.You enter your address and information as well as your kids information and the site connects you to other moms in your area. You can specify things like interests,age difference preferences between you and the other mother, age difference between your kids and theirs and distance from your home. A site like this opens up endless possibilities for new friends.

The site also has great tips on ideas for playdates and ideas of what to do as the host. Below I am including a few playdate ideas from the site itself. I highly rcommend you check this out.

1. Here’s a great way to keep the kids entertained and recycle your holiday and other cards (birthday etc.). Cut out the pictures and words on the cards, then place them all in a bowl or bucket and have your kids choose which pictures and words to glue onto construction paper. They can create a masterpiece based on the theme of their choice such as animals or colors or whatever they can think of. It’s a great project for improving hand-eye cordination and for fostering creativity. And, it’s a fun way to recycle all of those cards you’ve been keeping!

2. Create your own photo shoot! Take out the old Halloween costumes and all of the clothes, shoes, and hats from the dress up box and dress up! Cover a chair or couch with an old blue, green or black sheet to make the perfect backdrop for the photos. Let the kids take the picures and layer on new costumes for each new photo. Digital cameras and polaroid cameras work best for this playdate. The kids won’t be able to wait to see the pictures they’ve taken in their funny outfits. Funny hats and shoes always make for a great photo shoot. The kids’ toys and stuffed animals can make the perfect props! Your kids will love the dinosaur, safari, cowboy, ballerina, and chef themes!

3. Blow up balloons and let your children hit them up into the air and kick them around. Why wait for a birthday party? It’s safe for indoor fun and entertaining for all ages!


Happy playing!



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