I received this fabulous video from the series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! called “Pirate Treasure” and wanted to share it with you all. Kids can set sail on a magic adventure in search of treasure with Wubbzy and his friends. This video is chocked full of fantastic silly songs and wild adventures.

I never heard about this show until receiving the video. I put it on and my kids instantly fell in love with it. The characters are bright and adorably cute (they all remind me of old Nintendo characters.) The stories are entertaining, the songs are lots of fun, and best of all each show teaches wonderful lessons about things like sharing and being kind to others. Most of all though…and this is crucial with kids shows…it’s just plain FUN (and in today’s crazy world there is nothing better then a little fun).

Check out Pirate Adventure and share the fun…also check out Mom Central for some great tips on new products for kids as well as advice about all things mom related.

Happy Passover everyone,



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