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The Recovery has created the ultimate gift for moms-to-be. They take all the guess work out of finding the perfect recovery products. Some of the fabulous products included are stretch mark creams, luxury spa robes, chic underwear for c-section patients and many other products. These products all come in beautiful designer diaper bags or reusable eco-friendly totes.

Right now there are six different ones available. Three are for c-section recovery and three are for natural childbirth recovery. The LUXE kits come in a fabulous diaper bag by Not Rational. I of course would love the LUXE bag…if I was pregnant and could afford the luxury…maybe one day.

C-section bags include great products designed to help you recover in comfort. The cesarean underwear is adorable and has an ultra soft waist band to prevent irritation on incision lines. There is also a reacher tool allowing you to grab items without having to bend.

These bags are a little pricey but well worth it. Kits range in price from $125-$1,059. What could be more important though then the recovery of a mother from birth. A happy, healthy mommy is a FABULOUS mommy and a better mom to a new baby.

I highly recommend checking this fabulous product out. Use the discount code fabmom10 at check out to save 10%, specially for all my fabulous readers.



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