Yojo Mama is a new website that helps you find child friendly places near you. Need a public bathroom or a playground? This is the website for you. This website also can keep you up to date on child friendly events, activities, and services available in your city. Yojo mama works with your mobile phone or computer to help you look up what you need. Right now they are only in two cities, San Francisco and New York City, with Los Angeles coming soon. The great thing about this site is that it is always expanding. Users can send in new things to be added to cities. If you know of a great place just send it in. Visiting a city…or live there…you can always contact the creators to help build up the site. I am visiting LA and Hawaii soon and will hopefully keep track of great things for them to add. So check it out.

We hope they will expand to other cities as this is something that we all could use!




  1. Hi Carla,

    Thanks so much for covering Yojo Mama. Would love to hear from you and your readers what they think about it !

    Dhana Pawar
    Co-Founder Yojo Mama

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