This year I threw my son his first party with friends (instead of just family). If I do say so myself it was SUPER.

My son is obsessed with superheros and could not decide on just one for his party so we used as many as we could. I started by making all the kids capes with the first letter of his name on it. (This is what I used for loot bags instead of giving out candy or toys from the dollar store) . When the kids arrived we decorated masks and then our superhero looks were complete.

Activities included pin the Spiderman on the web and capture the villain. For pin the Spiderman I drew a web on a large white paper and printed out little spidermans which we taped on the web. The kids loved being blindfolded and trying to get the Spiderman on the web (and wall and window). Capture the villain consisted of all the superheros chasing after my husband, dragging him to a chair and tying him up with streamers. I didn’t think this would be as great of a success as it was but the kids loved it. It was made even better because my husband really got into it. He said “you’ll never trap me” and then burst out of the streamers and chased them around to tie them up.

For food we had kryptonite juice (green apple juice…altered with food coloring) and Batman/Superman cake. I wish I could have decorated the room more but our rented space only gave us about 45 minute to get it all set up.

The biggest compliment I got from the whole thing is that two of the kids came to school the next day with their capes and masks. It makes me feel good to know they enjoyed themselves so much.

I have attached a few photos from the party. I love throwing parties (my dream job after motherhood) and would love to hear any other ideas . Please feel free to leave comments with great party tips and ideas.

img_2674.JPG img_2686.JPG img_2697.JPG img_2708.JPG img_2709.JPG

Happy Birthday to my big boy!!



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