During the winter most of us just want to curl up in a blanket or travel somewhere warm. This is not really the case for kids. They love exploring the icy cold wonderland. So bundle up and go exploring.

I don’t like cold all that much (except skiing of course) even though I was raised in Edmonton…Canada. However, I wanted my kids to explore and enjoy the sensations of winter. So I searched online and came across this great event called Fete des Neiges. This winter carnival was a great experience for the kids. They got to go snowshoeing and do snow carving (Avi made a Diego and Aliza a Dora). They also had a huge slide made out of snow and ice, Little Tyke cars and a mini city for them to drive around and a dog sled race (sans dogs). They got to go in a teepee and see them make maple syrup candy in the snow. There was also ice skating and snow tubing.

This wonderful event enlightened all the senses. If you are in the Montreal area I highly recommend checking it out. It ends this weekend so hurry and go. If you live somewhere else cold…get out there and enjoy it. Check online for fun events in your own city.

Here are some pictures from our fun time. Click here to get more information on Fete des Neiges.

img_2618.JPG img_2622.JPG img_2630.JPG img_2634.JPG img_2637.JPG img_2651.JPG

have fun in the snow.



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