I have spoken about PSI bands in the past for their amazing powers to relieve pregnancy nausea. I just received this email from them concerning female entrepreneurs. If you are interested please read on and I hope that someone gets the help she need to make her business a huge success.

Now through January 25, Psi Bands is accepting entries for the chance to be sponsored into the Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE. Please direct your readers to the Psi Bands website at http://www.psibands.com/count_me_in for more information on how to enter to have Psi Bands pay some lucky winner’s entrance fee.


What is the M3 RACE?

Psi Bands is a past winner of the Make Mine a Million $ Award sponsored by Count Me In. Count Me In is an amazing organization, and we so greatly believe in this RACE and what it stands for, that we are willing to sponsor one other company to join. Count Me In created the Make Mine a Million $ Business RACE (M3 RACE) to provide resources and inspiration to female entrepreneurs and to simulate our economy. The M3 RACE is open to everyone — past winners, community members and women who just have an idea for a business. You pick your revenue target, Count Me In will help you create a road map and track your progress. There is no extra time commitment. These are things you are already doing to grow a sustainable business. The M3 RACE provides you an online platform to get answers to your questions and network with thousands of like-minded women racing with you. You can find more information and register for the M3 RACE at http://www.makemineamillion.org/race.

Pay It Forward

Psi Bands believes in random acts of kindness and paying it forward. As such, Psi Bands will happily sponsor one women-owned business into the RACE. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Provide the following:
    1. Your name, business name, number of years in business, web site, email, phone #
    2. WHY we should sponsor you (in 200 words or less)
    3. Your RACE goal (i.e. $100k, 250k, $500k)
  2. Submit your answers to romy@psibands.com no later than 12am EST on Sunday, January 25, 2009. We will announce the winner on http://tinyurl.com/a476xt, on our web site, and directly to the winner via email or phone on January 27, 2009 – the RACE’s kick off date.
  3. We will pick from the submissions the one we feel is the most deserving. Yes, this is subjective and up to our sole discretion.


If you are able to pay if forward, please do the same! Again, more detail can be found at www.psibands.com/count_me_in.


good luck,



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