I have to tell you all to check out this fabulous website.

www.cozi.com is a fantastic new way for moms on the go to keep organized. This site allows you to keep everything for your family at your fingertips…literally. The main page allows you to see all that COZI has to offer. There is a family journal that you can keep quick notes and longer journal entries detailing you family’s funny and memorable stories. There is a calender that assigns each person a color keeping everything color coded and organized. There is also a picture screen saver and an area for shopping lists and recipes.

This site has some really great features that must be mentioned.

1. Typing into the calender is as “easy as talking” (as the website puts it). YOu simply type something like “Avi skating every Wednesday 7-8” and it will automaticaly add it under Avi’s color. There is no need to add the same thing every week!

2. This program can be synced with outlook. This means that if you use outlook at work, important work related things can be automatically added to your cozi calender and vice versa. Important family events can be directly added to the outlook calender. Just one less thing to have to forget about.

3. This is one of my absolute favorite features…the shopping list feature. With this feature you simply type in your list. It can then easily be printed out or text messaged to your phone. If you forget to bring it along cozi has a number you can call and then choose to either have your list texted to you or read to you on the phone. Is that not FABULOUS or what?!

(a side note: this toll free number works for the calender as well. If you forgot an appointment simply call and have that day’s activities read to you)

4. Finally…if you have google sidebar…you can have your calender right on the side of your desktop so it is easily viewed and always accessible.

So check out this fabulous site…it’s FREE to join…and I know, as a mother of three, we can all use some help getting more organized!



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