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This is a product that I absolutely love. My mother bought it for my son and there are so many possibilities.

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is a fantastic product. It allows your child the freedom to explore photography without destroying you camera. It is rubber covered and built kid tough. Now they have even made it water proof.

I love this product. As someone who loves all things art and wants my kids to explore this is great. My son takes it everywhere. We went to the zoo and he made a scrap book. He took the most fantastic pictures just walking down the street. I love looking at what “develops”. It’s a totally different point of view. He makes me see a beautiful world that I sometimes overlook.

Click the above pictures to check them out further.

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  1. I packed these in my kids’ bags that I prepared before I gave birth.. They knew that when I have a baby, there will be a camera in their bag so they can take pictures of their stay at their aunts house and also take pictures of the baby when they get home. They were so excited!

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