Here in Canada winter’s are CRAZY cold. This weekend we went for a walk and it took an hour just to bundle everyone up.

Our friend’s introduced us to this Fabulous product for those cold days.

toastie2.jpg toastie1.jpg

Toastie Toddler is like the ultimate Bundle Me. (now don’t get me wrong, I love Bundle Me’s and use one in my infant car seat ALL the time. I just find they are not warm enough here and are not big enough for my toddlers)

The extra large size fits from 3 months old until 4 years. There is also a zipper at the bottom in case you need more room. It allows your child to stick his or her feet out the bottom. It is extra warm and still thin enough to allow you to fold up the stroller without removing it. The inside is furry and wraps your child in teddy bear goodness.

Of you can afford and upgrade, check out the Toastie Toddler Extra Large Couture. It has all the feature of the above but it also has a built in puffy hypo allergenic poly down filling blanket that can be removed when the weather is warmer.


Although the price may be a little steep it is WELL worth the investment to save time on bundling. Just put on a jacket, hop in the Toastie Toddler and go.

(of this is not an option for you or you don’t need all the extra warmth, you should definitely check out the Bundle Me by clicking here)

Happy strolling/trudging through the snow,



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