I have been meaning to write about this for a long time and I am not sure why it keeps slipping my mind.


It always bothered me that I would have to leave a room to nurse. Especially in my own home…why should I be locked in a room because I was feeding a baby?!

I tried blankets to cover, but they were either to small or my babies always pulled them off.

With this baby I finally bought a Bebe Au Lait Hooter Hider. I LOVE this product. It stays put, covers everything and makes me feel comfortable feeding anywhere. It has little design features that make it even more spectacular. There is a plastic hoop in the top that allows air in and lets you see your baby while you feed. The corner has a small towel sewn in for those spit ups and drools that happen. It also comes in a bunch of beautiful designs for every mothers taste.

SO check them out if you are nursing and need a fashionable way to cover up. (They also make great gifts for new moms). Check them all out at www.bebeaulait.com



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